Implants Designed Specifically For You

Meshworks designs and manufactures patient-specific implants for bone reconstruction surgery. Custom implants can be useful for patients with complex cases, especially if standard, off-the-shelf implants are not suitable.

Meshworks creates implants which perfectly match your anatomy, helping you get back on your feet faster.

When could a custom implant help?

Bone reconstruction surgery is used to fill bone cavities which may be caused by various conditions described below. Discuss with your surgeon whether custom implants are the best option for you.

Complex Fracture
Trauma injuries can result in the fracture of multiple bones which may not heal without intervention. In the most serious cases, amputation may be considered. Custom implants may provide a suitable alternative when standard implants cannot be used. 
Bone Cancer
Bone cancer is a relatively rare form of cancer where tumours, also known as sarcomas, begin to grow in the bone. Bone cancer may be treated using a combination of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery to remove the tumour. 
Avascular Necrosis
Avascular necrosis is the death of bone tissue caused by insufficient blood supply. The death of bone tissue means that the bone can start to crumble and cause joint collapse. In early stages, certain drugs and exercises may be used to alleviate symptoms. Various surgical procedures may be used to treat avascular necrosis which is more advanced, with custom implants being one option.
Revision Surgery
In some cases, implants can become loose, break or cause infection. Revision surgery is then required to replace the implant to reduce pain or stop infection. 

Meshwork Implants

Proven Design

Our Design Engineers work in collaboration with surgeons to design each implant. A 3-D visualization of your joint is created from x-rays, allowing us to design an implant specific to you. After design, our engineers run simulations to check the designs before sending the Treatment Plan to your surgeon for final approval.

Structured to Support Regrowth

Meshworks’ implants are 3D printed at our manufacturing facility in Oxford. Many of our implants have a cage-like structure to help bone regrow, aiming to improve your long-term recovery.

Materials Fit for Purpose

Implants are manufactured out of a titanium alloy which has been used for many years in orthopaedic surgery. These alloys are biocompatible and have a strength similar to bone, helping to increase implant longevity.

What should I expect?

If your surgeon prescribes a custom implant, the following steps will take you from prescription to surgery.

Initial Scans
Your surgeon will take CT scans of your joint and send them to Meshworks. Our Bioengineers will use these to construct a 3D representation of your joint in our design platform.
Design & Manufacture
Meshworks’ Design Engineers meet with your surgeon to design your implant using a simulation of your joint. Using the implant design, we develop a treatment plan tailored to you. Implants are manufactured by our experienced production team who run simulations, mechanical tests and quality checks to ensure each implant meets our quality standards.
Implants are shipped to your hospital where the surgery takes place. After surgery, your surgeon will advise you about rehabilitation and how quickly you can return to normal activity.